Italian living and writing (or not)

Italian writing: living in a new country should provide the perfect inspiration to writing – yes?  New experiences, new people, new language, new food.  However, it doesn’t seem to be working and I’m still halfway through the novel I started as part of NaNoWriMo…in 2011.  Bought Julia Cameron’s ‘The Artist’s Way’ and have started writing Morning Pages each day so at least I’m writing something.  And have done my first blog post in over a year!

Italian living: I recently visited Nemi, a small town about 18 miles away from Rome in the Alban Hills, overlooking Lake Nemi, a volcanic crater lake.  Nemi is known for its miniature wild strawberries grown on the side of the crater, which creates a warm microclimate.  The strawberries are particularly good when topping off custard tarts (a Nemi speciality) or when made into strawberry liqueur (tastes even better with prosecco!)  Nemi is a great place to mooch around for a couple of hours, grab a spot of lunch and admire the wonderful view.

Red chairs at Nemi

Lake Nemi

Flowers in Nemi