About Me

I started this blog to post about expat life when I moved to Rome for three years. But it’s been five years since I returned from Italy so it’s time to stop banging on about it. Instead I need to become a master of mindfulness so I can find joy and happiness in the humdrum routine of work, home, grocery shopping, cooking and washing up. Yeah, right.

I’m getting into flash fiction as a way of improving my writing skills.  I’ve also written a couple of novels.  The cosy murder mystery needs some major plot holes bunging up before I hand it over to my editor next month.  The other – a children’s time travelling adventure story – has been sent to several agents to see if they like what they see. No takers yet. I’m drumming my fingers in impatient anticipation…

13 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Ciao Barbedwords! I found your blog through the Expat Blog Awards site. I really enjoyed reading your Top 10 post. I definitely can relate to the effects of increased caffeine intake! I live and teach in Bologna and also have a blog (http://italyproject365.com). I’m looking forward to reading more of your barbedwords 🙂


    1. Hi Sarah, nice to meet you! We spent a week in Bologna last February and loved it – it was pretty, full of snow and the food was amazing! Will check out your blog when the Christmas mayhem is over 😉 Merry Christmas!


  2. I can sooo relate! I too bought a cheap(er) pot of wax for my arms and bikini line, and like you ended up with a strip stuck like concrete sticking out from under one armpit and me red in the face muttering like fury as tears run down my cheeks in hellish pain as I tried to pull it off.

    The experience was so horrific that I was happy to immediately go and do damage to my savings account and invest in lazer treatment… best investment I ever made, ok the fees were eye watering but at least the physical pain doesn’t have to be repeated every six weeks.

    My only regret is that I didn’t have the lazer treatment done years earlier, goodness knows it would have saved me a lot of grief and nervous sweat, not only of the actual waxing but also the awful anticipation that (sigh) yes it was soon going to be time to face the music because waxing time was due again.


    1. I’m glad to hear there are so many of us who are failed waxers 😉 Laser treatment sounds like a great idea, wish I thought of that…too late now, I think I’ll just stick to a Nigella style burkini instead!


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