V is for (Silicon) Valley #AtoZChallenge #siliconvalley


Ok, ok, so it’s another post on a TV programme.  I really don’t watch that much TV. Honestly.

It’s more that I only like to watch good TV that’s worth talking about: carefully selected dramas or comedies. No soaps; no shows about DIY, cooking or babies (with the exception of Bake Off); and no shows that involve voting for anyone, whether they’re singing, dancing or lost in a jungle. And I’d gouge out my eyes with the remote control before I’d watch any sort of ‘reality’ TV that features orange, trout-pouted, scary-eyebrowed potty mouths (and that’s just the men. Seriously), with the morals and alcohol tolerance of alley cats. God, I’m old.

However, I heartily recommend Silicon Valley.  Warning: if you don’t like juvenile humour, swearing (tastefully done, of course) and tech talk, don’t read any further and definitely DON’T watch it.

But if that doesn’t put you off, then read on, because it is hi-la-ri-ous. I don’t often LOL at things I see or read – be it on the internet or in real life/TV (same thing) – but I do at Silicon Valley, which follows a group of young men who found a startup tech company.

The funniest episode, ‘Optimal Tip to Tip Efficiency (Emmy nominated, folks!), features a scene where our heroes are presenting their product at a technology competition. As they prepare for their slot, it’s not looking hopeful. One of the guys attempts to motivate the team with the declaration that they’re going to win even if he has to pleasure every member of the audience. What follows is a scene of problem-solving genius as they attempt to do the math on how long this would actually take him and if he could manage to complete his task during the presentation.

The group take the dick dilemma as seriously as any computer conundrum, filling a whiteboard with equations and diagrams to determine the ‘Mean Jerk Time’.  A mathematically sound paper has even been written, demonstrating exactly how they could achieve satisfaction.  Pure class (but only if you like dick jokes, deadpan humour, swearing and are not easily offended etc etc).

New series of Silicon Valley on Sky Atlantic on Monday nights at 10.10pm.


6 thoughts on “V is for (Silicon) Valley #AtoZChallenge #siliconvalley”

  1. I am going to find this series as soon as I reach home. I usually don’t get too excited about TV series, except friends maybe, but this sounds hilarious and interesting… And since I am from Tech field I might actually enjoy this 😁
    From A to Z challenge : Yogasana‹/a>

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  2. Yeah…. I think I’m too busy enjoying Rianna’s music to watch this one 😉 In seriousness, it doesn’t sound like my thing – I’m more drama/documentary – but I will mention it to my husband as I suspect he’d adore it.


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