M is for Movie Mash-Up #AtoZChallenge #Cougar Town

Another sit-com* that we used to like was Cougar Town with Courtney Cox – basically Monica left Chandler and the twins, moved to Florida and found a new group of friends.

The Cul-de-Sac Crew (yeah, that’s what they call themselves. Sigh.) get together to drink red wine and play the Movie Mash-Up game. It’s actually quite fun. Honestly.  Especially the red wine bit.

You take two movies which share a word/syllable in their title and combine their titles. Then you mix the two storylines as the clue to the answer. Players have to guess the movie title that you made up. It’s very simple e.g.:

Q) A bunch of kids search for treasure on a deserted island and then have sex for the first time.  A) The Blue Lagoonies (the movies were Goonies and The Blue Lagoon).

Q) A story about a boy wizard and his love for his .44 magnum.  A) Dirty Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Now it’s your turn.  I’ve taken a few liberties by using tv shows and books.  Answers at the bottom of the post. Here goes:

1) A killer whale gives out golden tickets to see who gets his candy company.

2) Andrew McCarthy & Peter Sellers try to hook up with Molly Ringwald.

3) Fantasy with LOTS of sex and dragons [tv show] moves to Northern Ireland and reveals a huge shock ending.

4) Enid Blyton’s boarding school chums [book] attempt to escape from a blaze at the Glass Tower.

5) Caveman living at the tip [book] meets young girl living in a children’s home [tv show].

6) Irish artist, who can’t use his arms, rebels by dancing in the town where rock music is banned.

7) A pride of singing lions climb the Empire State Building.

8) A panicked mafia leader must deal with the fact that his little girl is getting married.

9) Indiana Jones and Lara Croft search for ancient artefacts

10) An island of resurrected dinosaurs run a government branch in Pawnee, Indiana [tv show].

11) The Dashwood sisters find out that the man who’s been helping them is actually a ghost.

12) Adopted mouse, who lives with Snowball in New York, hangs out with Jo and her sisters.

Answers: 1) Free Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, 2) Pretty in Pink Panther, 3) The Crying Game of Thrones, 4) Malory Towering Inferno, 5) Stig of the Dumping Ground, 6) My Left Footloose, 7) The Lion King Kong, 8) The Godfather of the Bride, 9) Tomb Raiders of the Lost Ark, 10) Jurassic Parks and Recreation, 11) The Sixth Sense and Sensibility, 12) Stuart Little Women

*I don’t watch that much TV but it’s just so easy to write about…


8 thoughts on “M is for Movie Mash-Up #AtoZChallenge #Cougar Town”

  1. Okay – I got the first one and then it was all downhill from there. I don’t watch enough movies. Or maybe it has to do with the fact that I’m not currently drinking wine. Yeah. That must be it!


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