F is for Feline Good #AtoZChallenge #Cats

Last year’s A-Z Challenge had some serious contenders for the most visited post on Barbed Words. Short stories did well, as did anything slightly risqué. But the most popular posts, without a doubt, were the ones that featured cats. So in a blatant attempt to increase my readership, here are some more cats.

I blimin’ well love Cat Stevens.  I’m a huge fan of the film Harold and Maude, mainly because he does the amazing soundtrack.

I once had lunch with Danny John-Jules, who played The Cat in Red Dwarf, at a work event.   He was a really nice, down-to-earth bloke.  I bet he’s even more laid back now that he’s living it up on Saint Marie.

A classic film but not sure they’d get away with that poster nowadays.

This is a Kitty, rather than a cat.  But we’ll let that slide.  Kitty, a self-righteous spinster from Cheadle, would pop up on Victoria Wood: As Seen On TV to give us the run-down on her week.  She gave us such gems as:

I’m something of a celebrity since I walked the Pennine Way in slingbacks in an attempt to publicise Mental Health.

I’m not one for dance classes, feeling that if God had wanted us to wear leotards, he would have painted us purple.

I’ve just had my TV mended. I say mended – a shifty young man in plimsolls waggled my aerial and wolfed my Gipsy Creams, but that’s the comprehensive system for you.

What do I think of Marx? I think their pants have dropped off but you can’t fault their broccoli.

I don’t drink as a rule, not wishing to have a liver the size of a hot-water bottle. If I need a ‘buzz’, as I call it, I have a piccalilli sandwich with Worcester sauce. That takes your mind off your bunions, believe me.

It’s no surprise that the song preferred by 8 out of 10 cats is Feline Good by Nina Simone.  Well, it does feature both birds and fish.

Do you have a favourite cat?




24 thoughts on “F is for Feline Good #AtoZChallenge #Cats”

  1. Do I have a favourite cat? Now there’s a question – the sort of question that usually wipes my mind clean of anything related to the question being asked! I’ll ty and focus…. there was a children’s novel I remember about Carbonel, who used to belong to a witch but was really the King of Cats. Of your cats above, I had completely forgotten about Kitty – she had some great gems of wisdom.


  2. I don’t want be catty here, but I’m going to say that all cats are my favorites. They embody the principle of “give attitude, get attention” by just existing. They inspire me to do less, snark more– and look good in the process.

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