Getting Lazier with Six Word Stories…

Hmmm, I seem to have lapsed into blog silence since the A-Z Challenge.  Things are a tad stressful at the moment – we’re about to move for the third time in a year.  There’s too much to do.  Too much to think about.  And blogging is one of those things that’s very easy to drop when times are busy.

But, according to Ally Bean, “In personal blogging, quality of post is less important that the fact that you managed to show up again, against the odds, and write something.”

Is that true??   Is quantity preferable to quality?   I’m not so sure.  I tend to stop following bloggers or tweeters (?) who post all the time.   Especially if they’re really just posting sales pitches for their products.

But, in the interest of posting slightly more often, I think I need more challenges.  So here’s the first one.  I’m starting off easy with Sometimes Stellar Storyteller Six Word Story Challenge.  SIX WORDS??!!  Even someone as lazy as me can manage that.   The theme of this week’s challenge is ‘Paranoia’.  My entry is:

Mice watch me.  They’re CIA spies…


I’ll let you know if I win… (which I won’t).  I was going to use pigeon spies but I just really wanted to post this picture.  So mice it was.

Ok, that was a nice break but now it’s back to stressing.





24 thoughts on “Getting Lazier with Six Word Stories…”

  1. Nice find on the picture & prompt, hehe I liked your entry 😀
    Also wanted to say, I get what you mean with the whole rest needed after the busy A-Z April and I agree with the whole posting too much, sometimes I wonder how people get the time to post something every 15 mins or even find the energy to write it ><


  2. Love your story. I laughed. I cried. I’m inspired.

    As for my tweet, I don’t advocate posting every day if that’s not comfortable for you, but I do think that personal bloggers are missing an opportunity to get to know other bloggers just because the idea of perfection has trumped connection. Used to be we all just showed up and said something. Now we’re supposed to be a brand. For sale, I guess. How is that personal?

    Best of luck with your move. I’ve been in the same situation with 3 moves in one year. Brutal.


    1. Yes, do I want to be a brand??? Perhaps a Barbed Words lingerie range or BW cooking sauces…??

      I agree about letting go of perfection; I loved the A-Z for just making me post, without thinking too much or worrying if anyone would even read it.

      It’s not our choice to move again…I think brutal is the word for it!!

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      1. I felt the same way about the A To Z Challenge. I showed up and wrote something, without the luxury of time to fret over what I wrote. Sorry about the moving, but think of the blog posts you’ll get from doing it!

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  3. I love the story and you were absolutely correct to use the picture! I’ve been tempted by the six-word story but I tend to write bad Haiku when I’m pressed for time. Then again I tend to do quantity over quality when it comes to blogging. Indeed it’s a matter of personal pride never to allow quality anywhere near my blog.


    1. I think Haiku may be too highbrow for me, but I am considering limericks for quickies.

      Quality is in the eye of the beholder I’m afraid and I think your blog has been well and truly been touched up by the Quality Fairy.

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  4. I think the beauty of blogging is that you can just do your own thing. I agree with you that if people post too often, I tend to stop reading them so much, but I guess it’s different for everyone. Love your 6-word story.


  5. Moving 3 times in one year?!! OMG … being stressed doesn’t quite describe it! My very best wishes that it goes smoothly and easily (can you tell I’ve never moved very often?)

    After the A to Z, I always need to step back for a while. April is like a major storm of activity and once it’s passed, I need to stop and enjoy the calm again.


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