X is for Xenodochial etc

Today’s #atozchallenge explores the wonderful world of one of my favourite groups of people.

Xenodochial: Hospitable; kindly to strangers

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 08.50.21

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 08.52.47

Xanthippe: Ill-tempered woman


Xenoglossia: Person’s knowledge of a language never studied










Xanthocomic: Yellow-haired

polly quote

Xenodochium: Building for the reception of strangers


#Fawlty Towers All x-rated words from phrontistery.info


24 thoughts on “X is for Xenodochial etc”

  1. I’ve been waiting during this entire challenge to see what participants use for the letter “X.” You’ve outdone yourself here. Haven’t thought of Fawlty Towers in years. It was so funny. Wonder if I’d still find it hilarious now…


    1. I’d be impressed if you could use any of them in day to day conversation!! I actually watched three episodes of Fawlty Towers just yesterday and I’m please to say that they’ve stood the test of time 🙂


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