N is for Naughty but Nice


Thanks to the ’80s marketing campaign, I literally can’t see a cream cake without saying (usually in my head, but not always), ‘Naughty but Nice’ in a slightly camp manner.

Slightly interesting fact is that Salman Rushdie came up with the ‘Naughty but Nice’ slogan whilst working as a copywriter.  He also wrote the memorable line ‘That’ll do nicely’ for American Express.

With the advent of Sky Plus, I can’t remember the last time I even saw an advert, let alone been able to quote the slogan or sing along to it. As a child who watched more than my fair share of TV, I loved the classic ads of the ’70s and ’80s – usually for foods that all come under the label ‘junk food’ nowadays.

Ah, happy days when it was perfectly acceptable to eat Golden Nuggets for breakfast, a Penguin for elevenses and spaghetti hoops on toast for lunch. The day would be rounded off with Findus Crispy Pancakes and Smash, followed by Angel Delight.

Luckily, when we weren’t gobbling up wonderfully processed food, we kept thin enough to fit into our flares and cheesecloth shirts by riding our bikes everywhere and playing in the street until dark without parental supervision. Good job we had Charley – voiced by good ol’ Kenny Everett –  to keep us safe (just to keep going with my new cat theme…)


14 thoughts on “N is for Naughty but Nice”

  1. Thanks for the memory jogging trip with all those adverts – I had completely forgotten about Naughty but Nice! You have to wonder how we survived in the ‘old days’ with all that convenience food that we used to eat. 🙂 I occasionally (very) make us an Angel Delight – it has to be butterscotch, though, and served with small chunks of Mars Bar mixed into it. Mmmmmm.


  2. Aw, memories! I brought my mam and her friend to the opera in Riga once. It was the Nutcracker. They both burst into ‘Everyone’s a fruit and nutcase’ from the ad and then burst into laughter. That’s why we only went once 😉

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