F is for Foodies

Today’s post subject is taken from my A-Z Challenge Suggestion Box:

Why don’t you write more about Italy and its heavenly cuisine through the rest of the month? At least, that is what I want to know more about. A closeup of a gelato stall, tossing pasta, cooking seafood…. drooool! You get the picture right?’

Good idea but I’m not much of a foodie and don’t tend to rave on about food.  I may have mentioned it before, but I don’t really love Italian food.  Yes, I can see the positives in fresh pasta, creamy tiramisu or an aromatic cappuccino.  I enjoy a good ragu or minestrone soup as much as the next woman. And I’ve had some extremely tasty meals in both restaurants and friends’ homes.

But I’ve also had a lot of plates of bland spaghetti, bowls of cold spinach and many, many dishes featuring sliced hotdogs.  Trips to restaurants where the menu is identical to the last restaurant I visited and the one before that. Fine when you’re in Italy on holiday for a week, but when you’re there for three years?? Sometimes you do just yearn for something different.

Anyway, putting all that aside, last week in Rome I really did have a couple of wonderful meals and this month I will develop my foodieness and share some of the highlights with you.

AristoCampo is a restaurant in Trastevere that I’ve walked past hundreds of times and it always caught my eye.  Mainly because of the sign, ‘We are against War and Tourist Menu’.     So when we were debating where to eat on our big (smokey) night out, this was my first suggestion.

I don’t eat tons of meat so after a starter of Bruschetta with tomato, I opted for one of the specials: Pasta with Aubergine, Tomato and Ricotta.  It was the tastiest dish I had in my whole time in Italy.  Rich, flavoursome and with plenty of sauce.

I’m sure the enjoyment of the meal was enhanced by the thrill of being back in Rome and really making the most of our short time there, and, after a couple of beers and half a bottle of wine, anything would have been tasty, but it was seriously good!

We finished the evening off with a shared tiramisu (it disappeared too fast for photos) and a moonlit stroll to Piazza Del Popolo.  A perfect Italian Foodie Evening.


17 thoughts on “F is for Foodies”

    1. Risotto isn’t quite as widespread as pasta and, to be honest, I’ve only had a couple of really good ones in restaurants. I think it’s maybe a dish best made at home – a friend made a wonderful pumpkin risotto for me, which she put a lot of time and love into!

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  1. I have to agree with you about Italian food. I grew up with it … every. single. day.
    It becomes very tiresome, very quickly. Add to the fact, there’s a lot of really BAD Italian food out there and I didn’t appreciate that until I left home. But hotdogs?!! The horror!

    I very, very rarely order pasta when I’m in a restaurant. Nine times out of ten it will fail to impress me. In Italy though, I will order the pasta … only because I’m not a huge fan of pizza .. and as you said, there aren’t a lot of choices!!


  2. The Spanish are very proud of their food, but I sorely miss the variety of food that was available in the UK. A good curry. Some nice Thai food. Chinese food that isn’t mish-mash Cantonese. A small town in Germany has more variety than does Toledo – the capital of Castilla-La Mancha.


  3. Aahh! You did, you did write about food! Even I don’t prefer tons of meat, and having a steak takes me a lot of convincing. But, the pasta with tomato, aubergine and ricotta sounds just delish! The front for Aristocampo is so quaint, and if I were to ever be in Italy, I’ll surely find my way here. I do understand that one can get tired of food. Variety is the spice of life! 😉


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