B is for Book of the Day

I’m still disorganised and probably will be for the next few days, so today’s lightweight A-Z Challenge is a picture post.  The book of the day is ‘Cats in Hats’ by Sara Thomas.

Cats in Hats


Haven’t read it, have no intention of reading it – but how cute is that cat???



13 thoughts on “B is for Book of the Day”

          1. hahaha! thanks for the laugh. Just the thought of it makes me laugh 😀

            Theo is an outdoor cat who doesn’t wear a collar. I gave up after collar #3. Furry Houdini somehow manages to get it off while outdoors.
            The thought of a fez would be too precious 😀

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    1. I agree – but I do kinda like the idea of becoming a guerrilla knitter and yarn bombing phone boxes with brightly coloured berets. However, I’d have to learn to knit first and I certainly can’t be arsed to do that!

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