A is for April Skies

As a lapsed blogger, I’m hoping that the A-Z Challenge (26 blog posts over one month with Sundays off for good behaviour) will be the kick up the backside I need to get me blogging again.   It’ll either rekindle my love of blogging or you’ll never hear from me again 😉

Unfortunately, I wasn’t quite organised enough to have a blog post ready for A, so I’ve cheated slightly (mmm, day one and I’m cheating already, that’s not a good start…) and changed the protagonist’s name from June to April in this story I wrote for the Reader’s Digest 100 Word Competition. Which I didn’t win (bastards, what’d they know??) but I still really like the concept.

This story isn’t like me at all as I mainly go for comedy, Young Adult or mystery stories, but it’s fun to play around with different genres when the stories are this short!

April Skies
‘Sorry I haven’t done your hair lately, Mum,’ said April, combing the silvery curls. ‘The salon’s so busy and what with the new extension and the kids’ activities, there aren’t enough hours in the day.’

April sighed: she had no excuses really.

‘I’ll do this front bit with the hot brush; I know you hate it sticking up.’ April brushed Mum’s hair until it shone like a halo. ‘There, all done.’

Dad came to the bedroom door. ‘It’s time to go.’

‘She looks beautiful, doesn’t she?’ said April, planting a gentle kiss on Mum’s cheek. ‘Tell the undertaker she’s ready.’


20 thoughts on “A is for April Skies”

    1. Aw, thanks Elaine! Even though I’ve been away, I’ve still been reading your posts…but on my phone which doesn’t allow me to comment for some reason. But I’m still keeping up with you!


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