Venice Queen

Venice was amazing.  It was just like being on a film set – I kept expecting Casanova (David Tennant version, obviously) to appear or James Bond to drive past in a hovercraft gondola.

Every time we turned a corner, I had to snap away with my camera as the bridges and canals got more and more ridiculously picturesque.  It was almost impossible to take a bad photo (unless I was in it; which is why I won’t be sharing those with you).

How did Venice compare to Rome?   Let’s see…Venice had all the historic atmosphere and beauty of Rome but without dog poo, overflowing street bins or graffiti.

Best bits?  The tranquility that comes with the lack of cars, friendly locals, dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe (yep, I’m that person but I don’t care…the pulled pork bap was awesome) and discovering Spritz, my new favourite cocktail.  Apparently, Spritz is so 2012 but I’m no trailblazer so I’m making it my drink of summer 2014.

Worst bits?  Nothing.  I loved everything about it. Ok, maybe paying €72 for a day’s water-bus pass was a tad pricey and the serenity of a beautiful piazza was slightly spoilt by the resident drunks singing You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling at top volume but apart from that, everything was wonderful.  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

And, of course, I couldn’t stop singing this everywhere we went:

34 thoughts on “Venice Queen”

  1. Glad to see you’ve got your priorities straight: Hard Rock Cafe, cocktails and cornettos. That sounds like my kind of holiday!


  2. The pic with the drinks is my fave 😉

    I do love Venice… been twice, once for fun (my first ever trip without parents that wasn’t a school trip) and once for work.


    1. I was surprised by how much I loved it. Everyone had been telling me how great it was and I started to think it would never live up to expectations but it did. Even going there for work would be worth it!


  3. Beautiful photo’s, what a lovely trip! I was once booked to go on holiday to Venice with my then boyfriend, but dumped him about a month beforehand. On reflection, (and seeing your lovely photo’s!) I may have been a trifle hasty. . . .
    Jane x


  4. Oh, it looks so beautiful! And I totally would have sung the Cornetto ad everywhere I went as well 🙂
    I roared Walking in Memphis as I walked up Union Avenue in Memphis – luckily nobody else was walking so there was nobody to hear me 🙂


  5. I agree with Chi Alan! Great combo although Brits abroad singing always spoil it! I must keep my voice down!


  6. Fabulous photos, which brought back great memories of my trip to Venice a few years ago. I hadn’t thought about it feeling like a film set, but you are right! What I was first struck by was how it looked, in the flesh, just like any postcards, or calendar pictures that I had seen. We were sitting having a drink by the side of the Grand Canal when a gondola went by and the gondolier was singing ‘O Sole Mio’ – brilliant!!


    1. What a great experience! I didn’t see any singing gondoliers, obviously no one wanted to pay the extra 😉 I think Venice, more than any other city I’ve been to, is so exactly like you’ve seen it in pictures because there’s no cars to spoil it, so what you see is really what you get!


  7. Venice is absolutely one of the most photogenic places I have ever visited. Unfortunately I went during the busiest week of the year aside from the Carnival – last week of August plus Venice Film Festival – so my experience was a bit spoiled by millions of tourists bumping into me everywhere. But it didnt take away from the beauty!


    1. It wasn’t too busy when we were there, even though it was Easter weekend. The only place it felt busy was St Mark’s Square – which was my least favourite sight anyway! You could easily lose yourself in the little lanes without seeing a soul. You’ll have to go again 🙂


  8. My goodness, you weren’t kidding that every sight is stunning. You’re a terrific photographer. It’s been a long time since i was in Venice, and it was only for a day trip.

    Did you get to stay overnight? I think that would be lovely — the chance to be in the city after the day trippers like me leave.


    1. We stayed for two nights and just loved it. It was wonderful watching the locals enjoying their evening stroll and aperitivo – one Italian tradition I heartily approve of!


  9. Your photos are gorgeous! When I went to Venice, I was dragged around at the speed of light because the people I was there with didn’t think it was worth it and apparantly only agreed to go there to humour me…


    1. How could anyone not think it was worth it??? It was so lovely just to sit with a drink and take it all in – I didn’t bother with the museums or anything, just loved the atmosphere. I think you should go back 🙂


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