The Love Bug…Happy Valentine’s Day


This decorated car was parked outside our apartment block this morning.  Every single post-it note contained a romantic message, just waiting for the lucky girl (or boy) to leave for work.  But would you:

a) Think it was the most romantic gesture anyone had ever made and spend the entire day planning how to give your loved one a Valentine’s night to remember?


b) Just be annoyed at having to peel off all those bloody post-its before you could drive off??


30 thoughts on “The Love Bug…Happy Valentine’s Day”

  1. I’d be furious and would start ripping off post-its in a swearing frenzy. I’d pretend that I’d liked it to his face though 😉 God knows what he’d come up with the following year…


  2. I am probably the less romantic being ever but this would be a major turn off for me:
    1. Cant the guy just choose a private display of interest by sending flowers or a private note?
    2. What is it wrong with him to let know the whole neighborhood of his lyrical love moments?
    3. Why should I spend 10 minutes peeling this stuff off?
    I would probably act annoyed and that is maybe I will never get such public show of affection. Mean me.


  3. Oh, I hate gushy men. Although this is sweet, it would probably make me sick. The most romantic things my husband has done for me were…cleaning the snow off my car on a cold, snowy morning and taking the peas out of my soup because i hate peas 🙂


  4. So sweet…for someone else. For me, well not only do I have to remove all those post-it notes but I have to read them also? Sheesh. 🙂
    I like a low-maintenance gift that doesn’t require me to do a lot of extra work.


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