(I’m Always Touched by Your) Christmas Presence, Dear

My best, but slightly weirdest, Christmas present this year was…a Lakeland Bobble Buster.  Truly, it’s awesome and has totally restored my faith in knitwear.  A quick survey of friends and family revealed more strange, yet loved, gifts.  I’m not talking about the sort of tat that you pretend to like when you open it but bin/donate/re-wrap first thing on Boxing Day (penis pasta, comedy slippers, willie warmers etc).  No, these are presents that are pretty lame but for some reason make you really happy.  Here are a selection of gifts that brought Christmas cheer to the easily pleased this year:

Did you receive any bizarre, yet awesome, Christmas presents?  Can anyone beat the Greek lady’s bottom??  Without mentioning the wooden spoon…


21 thoughts on “(I’m Always Touched by Your) Christmas Presence, Dear”

  1. My husband bought me a pair of washing-up gloves for Christmas. Ok, they’re leopard print and very glamorous, but, really, washing-up gloves?


    1. Have you been on one recently? They’re really hard work! As a child, I could happily bounce on mine for hours but when I tried one a couple of years ago, I could barely manage five minutes! Actually, maybe that’s an idea for a really fun exercise class??


  2. I have had a bobble buster for years and love it! Though here it goes by the very unglamorous name of clothes shaver. One of those things you never knew how much you needed until you have it. Kind of like penis pasta, I presume. 🙂


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