Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head…or Here Comes The Sun?

It’s raining here – again.  Despite Rome having a reputation as a city of eternal sunshine, it actually has a greater rainfall each year than London.   Rome receives an average of 733mm of rain per year, whereas London only gets 587mm.  The difference is that all this Roman rain squeezes into just 74 days but London sees rain for 186 days of the year.

snoopy rain RomeRome doesn’t do drizzly days; instead the rain comes in torrents, great big bucketfuls that cascade down from the skies without warning.   The roads flood as they attempt to cope with immense deluges of water, often accompanied by extreme thunderstorms.

Of course, the upside of fewer but heavier downpours (for those of you who love a bit of heat) is more sunny days – 291 in Rome vs 179 in London.   But October seems to be a bit short on sunny days this year; instead it’s opted to receive a full year’s worth rain in just one month.  Several times this month, we’ve been woken up by torrential rain, deafening booms of thunder and menacing flashes of lightning.

The trouble is that I have friends due to visit in three days’ time.  Do I warn them that the weather might be dreadful on their holiday so they can pack their brollies and wellies along with the jars of Marmite, Bird’s custard powder and other ex-pat essentials??  Or let them continue to look forward to their trip by keeping quiet and then looking astonished when it rains every day they’re here?

Bad joke alert: What’s a bigamist? An Italian fog.

All stats from www.weatherbase.com


25 thoughts on “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head…or Here Comes The Sun?”

  1. 🙂 Its like that here, when it rains, it really does rain! Today it’s been like that, but I saw a group of brave Americans out on a jet ski tour, bless them, they were wringing wet, but still smiling!
    The things I miss most are proper bacon, not stuff that’s mostly fat, and nice whole wheat bread that doesn’t have loads of sugar added. Come to think of it, everything tastes quite sweet here, like the sugar has been added, and then they added some more for good measure. Hmmm…. which would be great if I actually liked sweet stuff….
    Jane x


    1. I’m not a fan of fatty bacon either, I try to cut it all off and have to use about 20 pieces of bacon for one butty! Maybe I should have added some really nice English bacon to my shopping list?? But then my guests might not have had room for all the Pot Noodles I’ve requested…


      1. Ha, ha! Me too, I spend ages cutting every bit of visible fat off the bacon, using the whole pack in the process… I think you should definitely have added the bacon to the shopping list! I would add Marks and Spencer cheese and onion crispbakes (which for some strange reason I’m addicted to, if I could have them shipped out by the crate I would be ecstatic!) nice free range eggs. Oh and if anyone has a spare cow or two they could send over, then that would be great. The milk and cream appears to all have added vegetable fat, presumably something to do with it having to be shipped in from hundreds of miles away.
        It’s not all bad though, the meat and the fish are amazing quality! And I was ecstatic to find a store selling Waitrose products. Maybe, just maybe, I’m not cut out for life as an expat 🙂
        Jane x


        1. Ooh, I love those crispbakes, they’re delicious! The milk here is fine but they don’t do all the creams we have (would love a pot of clotted cream, yummy). I’m SO JEALOUS that you can get Waitrose products!!! I actually dream of doing Supermarket Sweep in Waitrose, filling several trolleys with mini mincepies, curries and turkey/cranberry pie. It’s the first place I visit when I get to England!!


          1. You are definitely a kindred spirit of the crispbake and Waitrose kind! Ah, the Waitrose thing… You can only get the tins and bottles and stuff that’s not fresh, although they do have frozen Waitrose stuff, like ciabatta rolls (until they run out, then you have to wait for the next container to be shipped in!).
            I could kill for a pot of clotted cream too, or a nice pork pie, warm from the butchers. There are no butchers here! Entirely due to the fact that there is no meat produced here, it’s all shipped in from the USA. Omg, I’m sounding like the typical english woman abroad! I promise you, it’s just nostalgia! Bermuda, I love you really…..
            Right I’m just off to cut the fat from the bacon, and enjoy the last of the Yorkshire tea bags….
            Jane x


        2. PS I never worry about being an ex-pat who craves English dishes and products; it’s what other nationalities do when they get to England – and we love it when they open Italian/Chinese etc restaurants! I’m slowly converting all my Italian friends to tea, scones and shepherds pie…they’ll have all given up pasta by the time I leave!


          1. Brilliant!! I love all of those things! Reading your blog always brightens my day, it makes me feel less alone in my expat ishness (i know that’s not a word, but what the hell!) You should write more, it’s always entertaining!
            Jane x


              1. That makes two of us then 🙂 I’m learning as I go along, all those things that no one tells you, like you MUST tip the person who packs your bags in the supermarket, even when they drop your eggs on the floor and mix the tinned stuff in with the fresh stuff (I’m the worlds most anal shopping bag packer!). And never ask the bus driver a question, it’s considered bad manners. I only learned this after thinking I was invisible when I spoke to them 🙂
                Yes, we are here for work, I know I missed out a big chunk on my blog of the why and how we came to be here, I am going to publish a post at some point which is half written about how it came about, I just need to get around to it! But basically it was for work, Matt got offered a brilliant job here, the kind of thing that is life changing, so here we are. With a few bumps and bruises along the way. I’ve been lucky enough to find some great part time work too, although I still have lots of time on my hands.
                Jane x
                PS, would love to hear more about life in Italy too, I have this dream that when we come home we will buy a holiday home in Italy, so I spend hours on the internet looking at houses there. Which is why I’m still in my pj’s at 11am, ha, ha!


                1. Will look forward to reading about the move to Bermuda 🙂

                  We don’t have bag packers here but we do have chaps who want to put your bags in your car or return your trolley for you – they then keep the euro in the trolley. I never take them up on the offer – I need the coin for next time I go shopping!

                  Ha ha, I’d keep the ‘buying a holiday home in Italy’ dream, a dream!! When I read other Italian blogs about the HUGE hassles involved in buying property here, it makes me glad to be renting!

                  PJs are acceptable dress at any time of the day!


    1. For some reason, I have at least 6 umbrellas lying around so can kit out everyone if the rain stays. I also brought to Rome several pairs of snow-boots which have never seen the light of day and are not likely to here. Apparently, there was an inch of snow last January, the first for 26 years, so I figure we won’t be getting more snow anytime soon 😉


  2. Rain in Rome? Whatever next? Tornados??

    I wouldn’t let your friends through the door until you’ve been through their bags and made sure they’ve got plenty of Walkers crisps, a week’s worth of newspapers and the latest Great British Bake Off recipe book!


    1. Darn, I forgot to ask for Walkers crisps! There is one shop in Rome which occasionally has Walkers crisps but only cheese ‘n’ onion. Which will do in a pinch but they never quite hit the spot like a packet of salt ‘n’ vinegar…


      1. Mmm, a pint of lager and a packet of S&V can turn the worst of days around – especially if followed by another pint of lager and a packet of posh pork scratchings!


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