Home ARome

I’ve returned to Blighty for a few weeks to escape the insane temperatures of Rome.  I was hoping for cool breezes and light drizzle but, so far, it’s been pretty hot here too.  Fingers crossed for snow on the way…


Sadly, HWW has been left in the heat to, well, work.  It’s far too hot to get out and appreciate the sights of Rome but it does give him an ideal opportunity to enjoy those activities that are impossible unless home alone:

  1. Embracing total silence (just ignore the sound of car alarms going off every 45 seconds)
  2. Walking around without fear of stepping on Sylvanian Family members
  3. Eating gelato for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  4. Wearing nothing but boxers all weekend
  5. Using the iPad without constantly being pestered by a child wanting to play Minecraft on it
  6. Leaving the toilet seat up
  7. Spending a pleasant evening organising the cables behind the television
  8. Watching Top Gear with no stupid questions about horsepower, camshafts or ABS braking systems
  9. Hanging the Kylie calendar in the living room
  10. Farting freely

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