Daddy Cool

Apparently it was Father’s Day in the UK yesterday…but not here in Italy.  That is my lame excuse for totally forgetting, not sending my Dad a card (sorry Dad) and having to get up ridiculously early to print out a Father’s Day “keepsake book” for the kids to fill out and give to HWW.   But in the way that last minute things often are, the book turned out to be pretty awesome and HWW loved it.  So if you want to be exceptionally organised for next Father’s Day or need a fab Dad’s birthday gift, go to Eighteen25 for the free download. 

And belated Happy Father’s Day to my super cool, happy-go-lucky Dad!

cool Dad book at


3 thoughts on “Daddy Cool”

  1. An excellent father’s day gift, better than a card as the children actually have to think and write comments (either loving or sarcastic depending upon the child!)


  2. I had a good laugh about your predicament – it was father’s day here in France too, and I let it all creep up on me then ended up staggering through the local nursery yesterday lugging a heavy cyprus tree. My man is intent on turning the garden into the med equivalent of a rain forest. It kept knocking against my lobster legs (hello sunburn). Of course the local males all guffawed quietly and let me get on with it. Next year I’ll copy you instead.


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