The Fair Weather Fair

The school Summer Fair was due to take place on the last Saturday in May.  I’m always happy to donate something fatto in casa (homemade) to these things, so the day before I baked my favourite Banana & Chocolate loaf and rustled up 40 Marshmallow Rice Krispie cakes.  An hour later, the Fair was postponed for a week due to the forecast of rain.  That Saturday, we ate Rice Krispie cakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner…and it rained for approximately four minutes in the afternoon.

Occasionally Italians can be a tad over anxious and panic without good reason.  In England it would take the prospect of a full on hurricane before we’d cancel a summer fair.  A few drops of rain would never put us off – we’d just pop on a cagoule and carry on with our welly-whanging.

Last Wednesday after happily making 20 pots of limoncello curd to donate, an email came through – the Fair was again cancelled due to the weather forecast.  Now, I like limoncello curd A LOT but even I didn’t think I’d be able to get through 20 pots before their expiry date.  Cue lots of bewildered Italian parents getting a regalo (a gift) of limoncello curd to take home.  I had to give very detailed instructions on what to do with it!  But at least I felt better that we had torrential rain on Saturday morning.

The Fair is supposed to be this Saturday but I’ve given up.  I can’t be bothered to make anything so I shall be donating a jar of marmite instead…

And here is the recipe that we used for the Rice Krispie Cakes; it’s the one that my sister and I would make when we were children on Sunday afternoons when we really needed a sweet treat.

Marshmallow rice krispie cakes by barbedwords.wordpress.comMarshmallow Rice Krispie Cakes 

Ingredients – makes approximately 12 cakes:

80g butter

200g marshmallows, cut into small chunks

6 tbsp golden syrup

200g Rice Krispies

Sprinkles to decorate


Line a cupcake tin with cupcake cases.

Melt the butter, marshmallows and golden syrup very slowly over a low heat.

Mix the rice krispies into the melted gooey mixture ensuring they are well coated.

Put a big spoonful of the mixture into each cupcake case and place in fridge to cool.

Eat whenever you like!


11 thoughts on “The Fair Weather Fair”

  1. Don’t you dare donate marmite!
    All our marmite has been hand carried by willing yeast mules in return for bed and board.


  2. Yummy! Lucky parents getting lemon curd. Do Italians eat rice crispies?? Do they hear “snap, crackle and pop”, or do Italian rice crisps speak Italian? I commiserate for the bake a cake dilemma; in france we have the same hysteria about the weather, and it means that my husband can finally eat homemade cake for once. He argues that I only makes cakes for school, and when he wants some he has to buy it from the cake stand when we’ve already paid for the ingredients. I suppose he has a point. PS. Don’t give them Marmite, there’s no reason to kill them. They onyl cancelled twice, let them live!


    1. Italians seem to get getting more into breakfast cereals so I think rice krispies are fairly popular – although ideally they prefer cereals with chocolate (who doesn’t??) I put ‘snap, crackle and pop’ into google translate, it came out as ‘a scatto, crepitare e il pop’ which doesn’t really have the same ring to it! I do sometimes think that it would be easier to just donate 20 euros to the fair, especially when I see them selling my cakes for far less than the cost of the ingredients… PS don’t worry – HWW has refused to let me donate any of our dwindling stocks of Marmite!


  3. Ah, the fairs… That’s what I was making scones for last weekend – the British stand at our school’s international fair – and like the previous commenter not only did we have to pay for the ingredients, but I then got an email asking me to donate an extra few quid towards the jam and clotted cream they were served with…


  4. Secretly, id be over the moon to be left with mountains of matshmallow krispy cakes….but my waistline would suffer. Arguably a larger middle is just a store for the cooler weather that resulted in the mountains of krispy cakes in the first place…..


  5. I think I might have to bring back my childhood memories and get on with making some Rice Krispie cakes very soon!


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