Marmite Spaghetti – perfect comfort food

We had a huge thunderstorm here a couple of nights ago with the loudest thunder I’ve ever heard crashing over our heads for what felt like hours.   I’ve been surprised at just how many thunderstorms we get in Rome – more in the last six months than I experienced in the last six years in England.   The clouds have almost all gone now and the sun will soon be beating down upon us again (this is a small clue to the fact that I’m not a lover of the heat.  More to come on that subject as the temperature here starts to rise!)

clouds over mountains

So whilst it’s still relatively cool, I thought today would be a good day for some comfort food.  This is a new recipe in my English-Italian blended range that I eventually hope to persuade Waitrose to stock, thus making my fortune… What could be a better mix than traditional spaghetti with a creamy Marmite Butter sauce?  Marmite is one of those ‘must have’ products from England that we force ask all our visitors to bring over for us.  Along with the other ex-pat essentials: PG Tips, Bird’s Custard powder and Shredded Wheat.

Spaghetti with Marmite Butter

 Ingredients – serves 1: 

80g spaghetti

20g softened butter

5g Marmite (according to taste)

Grated parmesan, black pepper and chopped thyme to garnish (all optional)


Cook spaghetti as per instructions on packet.  Mix butter and Marmite together in a small bowl.   When spaghetti is cooked, coat thoroughly with the sauce.  Garnish, serve and enjoy – buonissimo!


By the way, I also highly recommend keeping a little tub of the Marmite Butter in the fridge as it is amazing on toast: a perfectly distributed blend with no unexpected overly Marmite areas.   However, in the interest of full disclosure, I will mention that my husband refuses to have Marmite Butter on his toast, insisting that applying them separately is the only acceptable method.  But take my word for it – Marmite Butter is delizioso!  (Yes, that is a real Italian word!)

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9 thoughts on “Marmite Spaghetti – perfect comfort food”

  1. Looks yummy! Could you tell me what the Italians think of the marmite butter and what they would call it?
    What wine would one recommend with this dish? Looking forward to trying it.
    Marmito Addicto


  2. The Italians I’ve asked are not too keen on Marmite at all. They would probably call this Burro Schifo (disgusting!) I’m thinking a cheeky little red like Rosso di Montalcino would go beautifully – or maybe a glass of classic R.White’s Lemonade to enhance the English vibe??


    1. It’s definitely only the ex-pats who buy it – we’ve tried it on our Italian friends and they were disgustato!! It really is the growing up spread you need to grow up with…


  3. I like a little Marmite on toast. last year I flew to the UK to visit a company. In Birmingham. In the evening I went to China town for some real Chinese food. The menu was in hieroglyphics, so when the waiter appeared with the “whah you whan” I pointed at the next table and said some of those.

    It looked like roasted chicken pieces. But it was chicken marinated in thick Marmite.

    I struggled through 3 pieces. The waiter said ” velly nice velly easy, paint with marmite.”

    It took 4 months before I could look at a jar of Marmite, let alone spread some on my toast.


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