Caffè time

One of the best things about living in Italy is the great coffee. I’m a cappuccino girl all the way and I go against the grain by having it ‘molto caldo’ (‘very hot’ – not luke warm like the Italians do) and I drink it in the afternoon which is also a no-no, as Italians believe it’s not good for you to have milk after a meal. After lunch is strictly caffè (espresso) time for Italians, which they knock back like a shot.

It can be a complicated business going into a bar (cafe) in Italy. Sometimes you pay at the till first, then take your receipt to the bar. Other times you order at the bar, drink then pay at the till. Occasionally, you order at the bar, pay at the till then back to the bar to drink! Italians like to stand at the bar to have their caffè and cornetto (croissant). In some places it costs a lot more to sit down at a table! Luckily my favourite local bar is a friendly place where I can sit for free, listen to a bit of Lucio Battisti and try out my Italiano on the lovely staff.



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